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Positron Corporation is a high-quality manufacturer of various forms of custom instrument panels, signage, and wire harnesses in virtually any color with unlimited design capabilities.


Dash Panels

Positron Corporation offers a wide variety of dash panels to the manufacturing arena: automotive, RV or recreational vehicle, marine, heavy equipment, limousine, emergency equipment, municipal bus industries, and for horse-drawn carraiges. We will make and load dash panels for virtually any vehicle or boat. The primary strength of our business is the ability to quickly and cost-effectively produce customized dash panels, with or without gauges and switches in basically any size or shape. Since Positron uses Auto CAD, we can easily and cost effectively design customized dash panels in large quantities or one-of-a-kind panels.

custom dash panel by positron

Customized Dash Panel

Pictures shown here are featured fully installed in our customer's products: Newmar and Airstream

Dash Panel By Positron

We can easily and affordably design and manufacture customized dash panels that range from very basic to a very elaborate and beautiful electroluminescence (E.L.) backlit dash panel from a simple drawing or sketch. Our dash panels are available in virtually any color with unlimited design capabilities.

We engrave and cut ABS, PVC and acrylic materials to form custom panels for our customers. Since we are also a wire harness shop, any and all dash panel components can be wired with proper terminals and multi-cavity connectors. Then, the customer can simply plug them in and go.

Our panels are available in virtually any color with unlimited design capabilities. We use paint film or foil laminates to give our dash panels that perfect color or pattern and computer engrave all markings on the products we produce for our satisfied customers. Our methods of back-lighting include electroluminescent light (E.L.), L.E.D. light and incandescent lighting. We can also produce "dead front" warning and informational lights.

Positron can create accessory panels of the same material as the switch panel or dash panel such as door inserts or glove box covers, to create a consistent look throughout your product. Some panels are simply signs or information placards.

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